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why xseed "From the workbooks alone he has learnt so much that he is answering the questions on his own. It gives me a feeling that he has learnt a lot instead of we feeding and telling him.
Roshni Shetty, Parent

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faqfaqWhat is XSEED?

XSEED is a complete academic solution for schools. It raises student performance and builds quality teaching inside the classroom.
Designed around the 5 Step Learning method, XSEED ensures better results for all stakeholders in a child’s education – teachers, parents, schools and students. XSEED can be implemented for English, Math, Science and Social Science for Kindergarten to Grade 7 and is aligned to the syllabus requirements of all the major school boards in India – CBSE, ICSE, as well as state boards.

XSEED equips a school with 4 critical learning tools:

  1. Teacher Material - At the core of XSEED are detailed step-by-step lesson plans developed with over 250 person-years of research.
  2. Teacher Training and ongoing support by the XSEED team of experts ensures that teachers are well-equipped with usage guidelines and classroom skills to implement XSEED.
  3. Student Material – Student Application Workbooks cement the concepts learnt in the classroom through real-life applications. These workbooks are supplemented by Content Books which extend the concepts learnt in the class. They act as ready resource for teachers in the class and for parents at home.
  4. Assessment and Monitoring - XSEED scientifically tracks student and school performance. Schools using XSEED have reported 2-3 times improvement in academic performance in pilot studies.

For School

faqfaq How does XSEED provide teacher training?

XSEED conducts two kinds of offsite trainings:

  1. XSEED Leader Training – this is a 2 day program designed especially for the XSEED Coordinator (from within the school).
  2. XSEED Innovative Teaching Training – this is a 3 day program which equips teachers with skills in innovative teaching and implementation of XSEED in classrooms.

In addition to these training modules, the XSEED Anytime Training Pack is self-use training material for ready reference on usage and implementation of XSEED.

faqfaq Apart from the XSEED books, would the children need to purchase other text books too?
The XSEED Student pack includes Content Books, Student Application, Work books and other material depending upon the grade of the student. The pack integrates seamlessly with the teacher material and provides for a complete system of learning inside the classroom as well as beyond.
faqfaq What are the benefits of XSEED?
XSEED empowers teachers to plan effectively using well-researched lesson plans, use innovative methods to teach every concept and involve all students in the classroom.
With XSEED, children demonstrate a better grasp of core concepts and perform better on reasoning and application-based tests.
For parents, XSEED provides individual actionable feedback on strengths and development areas of a child.
For Schools, XSEED provides detailed inputs on the School’s performance, benchmarked nationally. This is supplemented with regular feedback on classroom management that enable the school to up the ante on quality in the classroom.
faqfaq Does XSEED have its own schools?
XSEED is now being implemented in over 700 schools across India and abroad. Additionally, iDiscoveri also runs a network of Early Childhood Learning Centers known as XSEED Preschools.
faqfaq Does XSEED have its own syllabus? How will you match it to our syllabus?
XSEED curriculum is fully aligned with the syllabus of all major school boards in India - CBSE/ICSE/ as well as state boards. Additionally, XSEED is also used as high-quality reference material for schools affiliated to international boards.

For Parents

faqfaq How will XSEED help parents?
With XSEED, every parent feels assured:
Children learn better - XSEED lessons are designed to engage all kinds of learners. This ensures that ALL children develop a stronger understanding of core concepts, higher order thinking skills and the ability to communicate better in English (the primary language of instruction in XSEED).
XSEED also provides actionable feedback on strengths as well as specific development needs of a child on a regular basis.
faqfaqHow can parents use XSEED?
Parents can track the child’s learning through the student application workbook which captures the child’s understanding the concepts taught in class.
Home assignments which encourage children to engage with the social ecosystem around them are also used to supplement classroom activities.
XSEED encourages the use of positive language to foster a learning environment. Actionable inputs to help address the child’s development needs also empower the parent and make them direct stakeholders in the child’s learning.
faqfaqCan parents get an individual pack?
XSEED is implemented at the school level and is now partnering with over 700 schools across India and abroad. Since it makes for an integrated system of learning and teaching, individual student packs are not available for retail sale.
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