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People Speak

why xseed "From the workbooks alone he has learnt so much that he is answering the questions on his own. It gives me a feeling that he has learnt a lot instead of we feeding and telling him.
Roshni Shetty, Parent

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faqfaqWhat is XSEED?

XSEED is an education programme for schools which will help in better teaching for the teachers and better learning for the children. XSEED programme gives the children hands on and a very practical and experiential learning experience, which will help the children understand things better and in a more effective manner. XSEED programme has been specially made to match with the existing CBSE/ICSE and other board’s syllabus. XSEED programme provides a minute by minute plan to the teachers on the different lessons of the subjects like English, Maths, Social Science and Science, up to Grade 7. Apart from this, XSEED also provides a certified training course for teachers, as well as help in round the year assessment of the performance of the children as well as provide round the year implementation support.

XSEED has been designed by education experts from Harvard, Cambridge, IIT’s and IIM’s over the last 10 years, and is today present across 600 schools in India and over 200000 principals, school owners, teachers and students have benefitted from XSEED

XSEED with an example

In an XSEED class room where a teacher is teaching the chapter Plant, the teacher would carry a plant with her to the class, show the different parts of the plant to the class room, get the children to touch and feel the plant, and then understand what each part is and how it is different from the rest. With this, the children would get a clearer understanding of Plant and its parts.

For School

faqfaq How many times does XSEED provide teacher training?
XSEED conducts two kinds of trainings: 1. XSEED Management Program – This is a one day program designed especially for Owners and Management of the school 2. XSEED Five Step training – This is a one day program which equips teachers with skills in innovative teaching and implementation of XSEED in classrooms. In addition to these training modules, the XSEED Anytime Training Pack is self-use training material for ready reference on usage and implementation of XSEED.
faqfaq Apart from the XSEED books, would the children need to purchase other text books too?
With the XSEED programme, the school would provide the students with the books which includes Content Books (Text Books), Work books and more. Hence, the children wouldn’t need to purchase text books from outside.
faqfaq What are the benefits of XSEED?
The benefits of XSEED includes:-
  1. Improving the teaching for the teachers and learning for the children
  2. Help the children get a clearer understanding of the various chapters and concepts
  3. Help the children improve their fluency in English and also help in ensuring superior outcomes from them
  4. Helps the teachers and children with effective toolkits like Content Book, Work Book, Lesson Plans and more for both the Teachers and Children
  5. Helps the teachers by giving exhaustive training sessions
  6. Provides Round the year implementation and handholding support to aid in smooth implementation and following of the programme.
faqfaq Does XSEED have its own schools?
XSEED is now being implemented in over 1200+ schools across India and abroad. We don’t own schools, we work with existing schools in improving the classroom transaction.
faqfaq Does XSEED provide any Certification for School or Teachers?
Yes, there are different types of training that is conducted by XSEED for the school. First there is the ‘Certificate in Instructional Leadership’ for select teachers, then there is an onsite ‘Certificate in Instructional Training’ for teachers who are going to follow the XSEED programme (this training happens around 4-5 times a year), and there is also a monthly visit by the education coach to the school to help the schools in easy following of the programme.
faqfaq Does XSEED have its own syllabus? How will you match it to our syllabus?
XSEED content is completely matched with the existing CBSE/ICSE/ and other board’s syllabus.

For Parents

faqfaq How will XSEED help parents?
  1. XSEED will help parents understand the strengths/weaknesses of their child based on specific learning styles. This would ensure the child is learning the way that will benefit him the most, getting to understand the concepts clearly, and leaving no room for false understanding of chapters.
  2. With XSEED parents would also get encouraged to teach and engage the children in various work which can together be done along with the child, and thereby helping the child to understand basic concepts more clearly
  3. XSEED will also help parents track their child’s performance in the class room
faqfaqHow can parents use XSEED?
  1. Parents can follow the same experiments done in school with your child at home, which would ensure the child’s concept understanding, is clearer.
  2. With XSEED, Parents can also engage the child in the house, by asking their child to join you in certain work, which would help the child in better learning
  3. With XSEED, parents would automatically start giving feedback than criticism for the doings and other questions of the child.
faqfaqCan parents get an individual pack?
 XSEED is presently associated with over 1200+ schools across the country, schools like Bombay Scottish, PSBB Chennai, DPS, Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls High School and more. We do not have an individual pack for parents.
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